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About Us

Elisa Atheniense, a Brazilian designer, is internationally recognized for the originality of her work.

She signs refined bags and accessories carefully produced from creation to finishing that quickly become objects of desire among women.
The designer travels the world exploring places, landscapes, cultural habits, ethnicities and architectural and decorative elements that inspire and become
themes guiding the brand’s collections.

Her creations are intended for contemporary women who value not only Design but the high quality of finishing and raw materials, as well as the practicality and versatility the products.

She transports to her creations today’s way of life, through smart and functional modelling.

She accompanies major fashion trends which are transmitted subjectively to the products and her timeless DNA is one of the main features of the brand.

With her own creation studio and showroom in São Paulo, Elisa Atheniense brand is present throughout the country’s main fashion multibrands.